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Moving Guide to Budgeting for Relocation Few people realize just how expensive moving house can be and unless you want to end up with a huge moving bill it's very important that you put together a budget before you start, so that you know what services you can and can't afford. Most people are so busy packing and thinking what to take or leave when transferring to a new location that they tend to forget to really budget their money to save them the trouble of paying a huge amount after the move. Here are a few Moving Guide tips on how to budget your money. Our Budgeting Tips for Moving will help you to figure out a moving budget and also offers tips for how you can save money when moving. So, what's going to cost you money? Here are the main points to consider when calculating your budget: 1. Hiring a Professional Moving Company - hiring professionals can be costly, but there's no doubt that this can save you time and headaches. a. Before you decide which movers to hire, get quot